Commissioners apply Stage 1 fire restrictions

The Park County Commission on Tuesday implemented Stage I fire restrictions effective immediately.

The restrictions were implemented because of past and future adverse weather forecasts, including high temperatures, high winds, low humidity and lightning. Also, multiple fires in the area may lead to limited resources to respond, according to a Park County news release.

Under Stage I fire restrictions, the following activities are prohibited:

• Building, maintaining or using a fire or campfire.

-Information from The Livingston Enterprise

Fablulous February is Filled with Fun

Tai Chi with Mighael

8 Tue's & Thur's, 7-8:30 pm, Feb 2-28, $40

The primary emphasis of the class will be on learning the classical long form of Tai Chi Ch'uan. In addition students will learn and practice Wu Chi meditation and Chi Kung. Wu Chi meditation is basic for centering, alignment and breath. Chi Kung helps cultivate Chi (energy) with the long range objective of developing an awareness of physical movement in conjunction with breath.

Taught by Mighael Walker & Joe Loncarevich

Mighael Walker & Joe Loncarevich have both studied various martial arts for decades. They have both been practicing Tai Chi in Livingston for years.

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Trance Dance

1 Saturday, 6:30-8:30 pm, Feb 4, $10

Po will introduce trancedancing and checkin with participants. After that there will be an hour of free form dancing, blindfolded, followed by 30 minutes of music meditation. Move into your own inner world. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothes. Bring water, a bandana for a blindfold, yoga mat (or something similar), a blanket, and anything else you might want to make a space for yourself on the floor.

Taught by Po Hall

Po is a trained trancedance facilitator with a Masters degree in Dance from the University of New Mexico.

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French Silk Pies

1 Saturday, 10 am - Noon, Feb 11, $25

Learn how to make a flakey pie crust that we will fill with French Silk and whipped cream. This is just in time for Valentine's Day. Everyone takes home their own pie. Please bring a pie pan to the class.

Taught by Lin Martin

Lin Martin has enjoyed cooking and baking for decades and wants to pass this tradition onto the next generation.

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Energy, Presence & Dialog

3 Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm, Feb 20 - Mar 6, $30

Energy, Presence and Dialogue will combine tai-chi inspired movement, stillness meditation and lighthearted dialogue exercises in an effort to stretch our abilities to be truly present and open in communication with each other. Participants should expect to have fun and leave with a renewed enthusiasm for more fruitful conversations with both self and others. Tea will be served. The format for this class was inspired by Peter Schein, a visiting teacher who was a great inspiration to Rose.

Taught by Rose Brown

Rose Brown, a Livingston native, has studied and practiced various forms of meditation, including styles from Buddhist, Yogic and New Age traditions. She regularly practices Tai Chi Chih, and is currently training to become an accredited instructor. She also studies and practices Reiki and Craniosacral therapy.

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Beading: Free-Hand Weaving

with Glass Seed Beads

5 Tuesdays, 6-8 pm, Feb 21 - Mar 28 (skipping Feb 28), $45

This class will focus on a method of free-hand weaving using glass seed beads. We will not be using looms. The ability to bead without a loom gives you greater simplicity and portability. By the second week you will be beading with your own personal bead design, or a design supplied by me. We will be primarily using size 11 glass seed beads.

Taught by Ann Gholz

Ann is 69 years old and has been beading for 4 years. Ever since childhood she admired Native American arts and cultures. She studied art in college. In the last two years she has become so engrossed in beading that she does it FULL TIME!

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Photoshop: Beginner to Intermediate

5 Thursdays, 6-8 pm, Feb 23 - Mar 23, $50

This class is about doing all the basic things with photos (and drawings or a combination) that most people want to do. We'll cover: photo resolution, JPEG and TIFF file types, RGB or CMYK color modes, adjusting Contrast and Levels, Sharpening and Cropping, using Layers and Clipping Paths, and other tools common to all photo-editing programs. We will also be covering: making collages, removing and changing backgrounds, adjusting colors, applying filters, and photo retouching. We'll design logos and create non-photo and photo artwork.

Taught by Denis Ouellette

Denis has been using Photoshop, along with other desktop publishing programs (GIMP, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress) professionally for 20 years. He is a publisher, graphic designer and editor. His Photoshop work has been published in many national and local publications and online.

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Nose Work for Dogs

6 Tuesdays, 6-8 pm, Mar 7 - Apr 11, $60

Nose Work classes are designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise. This class is sure to be lots of fun for your dog, it will help to build your dog’s confidence and also burn tons of mental and physical energy. We’re always looking for more ways that dogs and their people can have fun. The sport of K9 Nose Work is loads of fun! And this sport comes with a great side benefit: better communication and a strengthening of the bond between people and their dogs.

Taught by Brandy Morris

Brandy Morris attended her first seminar on K9 Nose Work in June 2011 and was immediately hooked. Her current dog HRS Shakin Not Stirred, has earned several certificates and titles. She has groomed, shown and trained dogs since 1987.

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Hand Made Pasta

with Luvy & Alfredo Sauces

1 Wednesday, 6-8 pm, Mar 8, $30

Come for a relaxing night of fun with Sarah Faye from Faye's Cafe. Sarah will cook for you and share ideas and recipes. Hand made pasta with Luvy and Alfredo sauces. Italian Focaccia bread, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Espresso Pot de Creme and a Yumtwist!

Taught by Sarah Knecht

Sarah was phenomenal. It was so refreshing to take a course like this from someone of her expertise and feel so comfortable and relaxed! She is easy to follow, fun to listen to, and truly enjoyable. We marveled at her ability to do so much delicious food in such a short period of time, it’s empowering to know it CAN be done!

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Grant Writing 101

2 Tuesdays, 6-8 pm, Mar 21-28, $20

Discussion will include considerations for fundable projects, research and assessment of funding opportunities, standard requirements for most applicants, best practices for budget, budget justification development, proposal development, funder considerations, key submittal strategies and reporting and administration requirements..

Taught by Kristen Galbraith

Kristen has over fifteen years of project development and management experience with special emphasis in grant application processes and administration, working with non-profit organizations, counties, cities and Native American tribes in Montana and other states. Over the past six years, she has written successful grant applications for a variety of clients, totaling over $24 million that has funded multiple projects and programs.

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Kundalini Yoga: Awakening to

Your 10 Bodies, Part 2

4 Mondays, 6-8 pm, Feb 27 - Mar 27, $50

You may think you only have one body to care for, but in fact, you have ten. Discover how to balance these ten bodies – the soul, the negative, positive and neutral minds, the physical body, the arcline, aura, pranic, subtle, and radiant bodies – so you can tune into the voice of your soul.

Taught by Jessica Kerr

Jessica began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the powerfully healing and transformative aspects of the practice. She is a KRI-Certified Level I Kundalini Yoga Instructor and currently teaches at the Breathing Room in Livingston.

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New Year’s Day Class/Strength Series/$60 Unlimited Yoga in January

New Years Day Vinyasa Class with Kim
noon-1:30 pm
Celebrate the beginning of 2017 with a Vinyasa class taught by Kim. You can use your regular pass for this and/or the drop in fee is $13.

There will be NO 4:30 pm Vinyasa class with Autumn on Sunday, January 1st.

Polling for times for Sunday's Class: Autumn and I were wondering if people are happy with the 4:30 pm time for Sunday's class or if they would rather have it at 5:00 pm. If you feel strongly either way please email me at or text me at 223-7148.
Thank you

Unlimited Yoga in January for $60

There is still time to purchase an unlimited pass for January. Just note that all January unlimited passes end January 31st regardless of when you purchase it. Contact Amy at 223-7148 to get a pass or show up at the studio the first week of Janury to buy one.

Strength Building Six Week Series class with Alyssa starting Thursday January 12, 2017**

Tap into your strength for the Best Year Ever!

Build strength to support your goals, reconnect to what you want and refine your existing awesomeness
This 6-week series will focus on strength and flexibility for your body and mind.

Thursdays 6:00-7:15 pm
First Class: January 12th
Last Class: February 23rd

Contact Alyssa Davis @ 223-7920 or to reserve your spot!!

Stay tuned for Yoga for Runners starting up in March!

**This class is not part of the unlimited month of yoga

Emigrant’s Fall Festival

Good morning -

We are currently looking for vendors for Emigrant's Fall Festival. Preference will go to those with handcrafted items. The details are as follows:

Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 10:00-3:00. Set-up is same day from 7-10a.m.

Card table space - $5
8' table space - $15
8'x8' space - $20
8'x10' space - $25

Vendors will be in the Emigrant Hall as well as St. John's Church. Vendor spaces at the church are limited to "card table and 8' table spaces".Vendors will be asked to donate a small item the day of the show for the raffle. All vendor booth fees and raffle proceeds are being donated to the Friendship Fund of St. John's Church that goes toward helping those in need in Paradise Valley. Lunch will be available for purchase for vendors and the public. All vendor spaces must remain set-up for the entire show. Please forward this information to fellow crafters in your area that may be interested. If you are new to vending in the Emigrant area, please contact me prior to submitting your application to make sure we are not duplicating items for sale. Please print the next portion of this email, complete, sign and mail to me with payment by October 15, 2016.

Betse Stuart
15 Emigrant Bench Road
Pray, MT 59065

Make checks payable to ST. JOHN'S CHURCH.

Questions? Contact Betse at bstuart0077@gmail, or text/call 406-223-0077. Thanks and hope to see you there!!

Just FYI.....this is the only show currently scheduled for the rest of 2016 in the Emigrant Area.


Dr. Merle Bouma - Vector point cranial therapy
118 E Callender Street Livingston MT 59047; PO Box 1344
Cranial, sacrocranial, and neural organization technique

Dr. Stephen Y. Dobelbower - Park County Chiropractic
1201 US Hwy 10 West, Ste. A1 Livingston, MT 59047

Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Full Spine, Cranial and Extremity Adjusting.
We Care Chiropractic
309 So Main Livingston MT 59047
406.222.5522 Experience Today's Technology - DYNAMIC MOTION X-RAY : See your spine moving; less radiation
- COMPUTERIZED TEMPERATURE ANALYSIS : Safe & painless nerve system analysis
- AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE : Wellnes plans available

Dr. Marlin Braun- We Care Chiropractic
311 So Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Wayne Netley
2 Parkway Drive Livingston MT 59047
Office 222-2999; Home 222-0003; Fax 222-2361

Dr. David Thiry - Thiry Chiropractic
403 W Park Street Livingston MT 59047
406.222.6668 Graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractice.
Private practice since 1978 in Livingston.
"Fact: The brain stem and spinal cord are primary pathways of nerve impulses to and from the brain. Messages back and forth through these nerves control the health and function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body. The spinal cord is housed by the spinal column. Vertebral subluxation (misalignment) can irritate nerve tissues and ultimately couse health problems."

Dr. Louis J. Buffalino
1201 Highway 10 West unit C (new location) Livingston MT 59047 406.222.4444


Dr. Richard Nichols
422 S Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Stephen McGrath
422 S Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. J P LaValley
422 S Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Andrew Orton
131 W Park Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Ted Kulaga
422 S Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Gary Jagodzinski
422 S Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Elizabeth Blavatsky
422 S Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. J E Smith
422 S Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. William Venable
110 S B Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Kent Wilson
110 S B Livingston MT 59047