December Art Reception

Yellowstone Park & Paradise Valley Works
Thursday, December 7 th from 6:30 pm -8 pm

Green Door Gallery
120 N. Main, Livingston, MT

Join us at Green Door Gallery for an exhibit of landscape paintings by artist Joan
Watts. Ms. Watts, a New York City native and Livingston resident began her art
studies at age seven when her parents sent her to art school in Chicago with students
three times her age. She later studied in England, California and Kyoto, Japan. In Japan
she studied “sumi-e”, a traditional form of Japanese painting with master painter
Semba Sensei. This experience greatly influenced her painting style.
Ms. Watts says of her work that she paints images in an ethereal, somewhat surreal
style influenced by her training in Japan.
The reception for the exhibit will take place in conjunction with the release of a book,
The Collected Letters of Alan Watts, that together with her sister she has edited. Ms.
Watts is the daughter of the late Alan Watts, Zen Author and philosopher. Ms. Watts
will do a reading for the release of the book at 7pm.
The reception will take place at Green Door Gallery upstairs at Wheatgrass Saloon,
120 North Main Street, Livingston from 6:30-8:30pm.

Please phone Lisa Snow Beaudin, 224-3895 with questions.