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MONDAY, JUNE 26TH (ages 9-12) AT 9AM.

This year's summer art camps:
Traveling Through Space & Time are generously supported by:

The Town Pump Foundation, K.M.A.,INC. Kirk Michels Architect, Livingston ACE Hardware and The Environmental Adventure Company AND long-standing members like YOU =)

Thank you!

Limited space available in next weeks session, please call the Center to confirm availability. All other sessions are available for registration online.

All sessions run Monday-Friday at the Center from 9am to Noon
Week One Themes and Activities:
Day 1- Europe – Prerecorded history.
Project – Prehistoric Cave Drawing
Concept – Lines
Day 2 – Middle East – 7th – 13th Century
Project – Mosaics
Concept – Warm and Cool Colors
Day 3 – Italian Renaissance –
Project – Painting with egg and chalk.
Concept – Color Value
Day 4 – Early American Frontier -1800’s
Project – Weaving
2nd Project – Soap Carving
Day 5 – Modern Art – Abstract Expressionism – 1940’s
Field trip to see a local modern art
Project – Jackson Pollock Drip Painting

Week Two Themes and Activities:

Day 1 – Africa – Prerecorded history and more
Project – African Mask
Concept/Skill – Music as an art form (African music specifically)
Day 2 – Italy – Renaissance
Project – Gold Foil Reliefs
Concept/Skill – TBD
Day 3 – Russia – Late 1800’s
Project – Making Matryoshka Dolls (Nesting Dolls)
Concept/Skill/Second Project – Making Peter and the Wolf Finger Puppets
Day 4 – USA – Mid 20th Century
Project – Picasso – One Color Painting
2nd Project – Fractured Faces
Day 5 – Space – In the Future
Project – (Littles – Create your own space alien and invent your own planet or galaxy)
(Bigs – Acrylic Painting of Galaxies and or real planets: pour painting)
Skill/Concept – How to draw cones and cylinders and such 3d by drawing a rocket.
Session will run Monday-Friday at the Center from 9am to Noon, every day.


Week Three Themes and Activities:

Day 1 – Ancient Egypt
Project 1 – Clay Tablets
Project 2 – Drawing Profiles in Egyptian style. (older kids)
– Make an Egyptian necklace/crown (little kids)
Day 2 – Easter Island 1000 AD – 1500 AD/ Stonehenge 4000 years ago/ Native American
Project – Totem Poles – using clay.
Day 3 – Historic China
Project 1 – Origami
Project 2 – Ink Cherry Blossom Trees (little kids)
– The Great Wave of Kanagawa (older kids)
Day 4 – Ireland – 1800’s
Project 1 – Stained Glass (all day, all levels) (FIELD TRIP!!!)
Day 5 – USA – Today
Project 1 – Encaustics
Project 2 – Tile Art

Please Download Registration Form for Camp: SummerCampRegForm 2017 via our website: http://www.livingstoncenter.organd return to the Center via email, snail mail or in person to hold your place.

Pour Painting AGAIN! taught by Grey Wilson

Date: Saturday, JULY 22

Time: NOON to 2pm
Cost: $45 per student ($40 for LCAC members)

In this THIRD offering, Wilson will demonstrate the basics of creating paintings that use gravity as your paint brush. Use of specific materials will be explained, how to use them and effects that can be achieved when combining them.

Students will be able to do more than one painting in the class. They may have to pick up their art the following Tuesday, as it only takes overnight to dry. Completed paintings also move slightly, so it is better to let them set. Drawing skills are not necessary. If you can put ketchup on a hamburger, you can do this. It's lots of fun and you will be surprised how creative you will become.

All materials included.

Location: 119 south Main Street, Downtown Ltown

To register: (406) 222-5222 or OR


TUES, JUNE 6 –SAT, JULY 1, 2017

Friday, June 23
5:30 - 8pm

Shalene Valenzuela, Betsey Hurd, Jeff Purcell, Alissa Mittl AND
Hannah Cameron

5 artists utilizing ceramics to express concepts of Surrealism, juxtapositions in nature, humor and irony, anthropomorphism and incongruity countered with simplicity.

LCAC 119 South Main, visit us at:

For more information,
call the Center at (406) 222-5222.

See you at the Center!


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Sat Noon to 5PM