MMMmmmm Bacon. Esther Approved 💗 BLTs this Sunday!

Darling Emily!

Hope you can join us this Sunday
June 11, 4:30pm at the
*The Park County Senior Center*
206 South Main
The always optional theme:
Veggie Bacon!
Recipe Demo:
Coconut Bacon Bits

Proving Isa Chandra's
Vegan Rule #14:
“Vegans can and will
make bacon out of everything!"

Bacon is all about salt, fat, smoky flavor, and chewy crispy texture!
No misery or violent death required.

We’ve never met a person who wants to hurt animals.
People are kind.

Pigs raised for bacon suffer lives that are hell on earth; then are slaughtered at 6 months young.
Those who think “humane” or “local” mean anything are forgetting the ultimate betrayal, the terror of transport, and the horror of slaughter.

We’ve never met a vegan who gave up meat because it tastes bad.
Everyone loves the taste of salt & fat!

BACO’s are Accidentally Vegan
and with a little soy sauce and liquid smoke, homemade bacon can be made from all sorts of veggies...

Recipe Ideas
Rice Paper Bacon
Shiitake Bacon
Eggplant Bacon
Tempeh Bacon
Best BLT
Broccoli Salad
No Meat Athlete's Veggie Bacon
Raw Eggplant Bacon
Seitain Bacon
Bacon Bits
Bacon Mac & Cheese
Butterscotch Cupcakes with Coconut Bacon