Livingston Last Word Toastmasters Club Competition

After a long winter, there's nothing quite like hearing a well-delivered, inspirational speech to help you get motivated, make some positive changes, and get the SPRINGGG back in your step! The Livingston Toastmasters Club invites you to attend a special event as their guest. Four club members have stepped up to compete in the World Championship of Public Speaking—starting with their club's competition.

The judges will pick a winner at the club level, who goes on to compete against the best from 12 local clubs at the Area 22-23 Contest, to be held March 18th in Bozeman, with competitors from Bozeman, Livingston & Gardiner. That winner then keeps going to the Division B Contest, also to be held in Bozeman, on April 8th, with contestants from Eastern-Montana clubs. That winner competes at the District 78 Contest, to be held in Bismarck, ND at the end of April, with the best speakers from MT, ND, SD and W. MN. All-district winners move up to the International Convention in Vancouver, BC, this August. So this is the start of something BIG!

Join us for this competition and learn about...

Brad Wilson's speech is entitled, "Why Is Speaking So Important?" Brad is the Maintenance Manager at Shields Valley Elementary and is currently politically active in preserving our access to public lands. He has been a Toastmaster for a year.

Bianca Klein's speech is entitled, "Finding Inspiration in Your Everyday," which is about the importance of self-care and slowing down in our fast-paced world. She is a Media Specialist at Yellowstone National Park and a blogger at Outdoor Exposures Family Photography. She has been a Toastmaster since September 2016.

Dave Skattum's speech is entitled, "The Fountain of Youth," and it's about watching your dreams come true by discovering great health. Dave started Toastmasters in 2005, and has served as the District 78 Director. Living in Pine Creek, he's been married to Laurie for 32 years, and has 3 kids and 3 grandkids.

James Waldby's speech is entitled, "India, a Tsunami Every Week." Now retired, James was a computer software analyst and consultant who joined Toastmasters in 1998. He has completed several advanced Toastmasters programs and is currently the President of Livingston's Last Word Toastmasters. He enjoys outdoor activities and travel. His speech will draw upon his experiences in India.

Please join the Livingston club for this special event on Tuesday, March 7th, from 6 to 7:30 pm, at the Vince Grant Hall, 1306 East Park Street, in Livingston. You'll get a free taste of what Toastmasters is all about—and the fun will bring your SPRINGGG back!

Snacks will be served. All of those eager to develop their presentation and leadership skills—anyone interested in personal development—is always welcome as their guest at the regular Tuesday meetings (same time, same station).