SW MT Fly Fishers club – March 9th meeting

SW MT Fly Fishers club - March 9th meeting

“Improve Your Yellowstone Fly Fishing".

Want to increase your catch rate? Increase your knowledge of the species of fish within the Yellowstone River and why they are where they are in the particular type of water structures.

Our club Speaker for the March 9th meeting will be Bob Wiltshire. He was the Montana State Fisheries Biologist for many years for the Yellowstone River and knows the species well. He will discuss the various species, what type of water each prefer and where along the ‘Stone they inhabit. Improve your knowledge to improve your success.

Bob’s current job deals with Invasive Species and he will also address the current and future situation with Invasive Species in Montana waters.

Come join us on Thursday, March 9th at 6:30pm in the meeting room at the Yellowstone Pioneer Lodge in Livingston. See you at the meeting!