Yellowstone River Closure Economic Impact Survey

Yellowstone River Closure Economic Impact Survey
It just takes 2 minutes of your time and it will help our community & local businesses in the long run.

Dear Livingston area business owner,

If you have not responded to our ITRR survey sent to you in December regarding the impact of the river closure in August, 2016, please take a few minutes right now to respond. Whether you were impacted or not, we need your assistance.

Right now very few Livingston area businesses have responded. We have heard and honestly believe that many of you "felt the closure" but we cannot say this without your help.

If you have already responded, thank you so much! Please don't take it again.

If you haven't responded, the survey can take anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on your type of business.

Thank you for your time. If at any point you have questions please contact Jeremy Sage at (406) 243-5552 OR Norma Nickerson at (406) 243-2328.

Norma Nickerson
Director, Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research (ITRR)

Jeremy Sage
Economist and Associate Director, ITRR
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Yellowstone River Closure Economic Survey

In anticipation of your completed questionnaire, "Thank you!"

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