New Exhibit


a show curated by Doris Davis Gallagher

On Display:
Oct 11 through
Nov 12, 2016.

Reception on Friday, Oct 21.
Presentation by Gallagher at 7pm, Tuesday, October 11th the Livingston Center for Art and Culture will pieces from 8 Montana artists in an exhibit entitled "Provocative".
Curated by Doris Davis Gallagher and including painting, sculpture and photography by Storrs Bishop, Diane Draper,Doris Davis Gallagher, Daniel Gerken, Trudi Gilliam, Ty Kelly, Angel Montana,Jim Petersen,
Tandy Mile Riddle, AJ Scaff & Grey Wilson

Excerpts from the show:

In direct response to what makes their pieces provocative, they wrote:

The act of doing something will create a reaction and provoke a response.
To provoke someone you could say or do something, good or bad or neutral.
As I started to pour the paint onto the surface, the lack of control provoked a feeling of self doubt in a successful outcome. As I continued pouring, I slowed down and watched as the colors mingled and they soon whispered to me the next thing to do. Pretty soon we were having a good conversation.
By the third painting, it told me a story. All I had to do was listen to it and enjoy the freedom of not making design decisions from the left brain. The color choices were pre mixed and the glass was set up as level as I could get it. I have done over 22 of these painting and it was impossible to do the same one twice. When I get up in the morning, it is like Christmas because the paint continues to move over night.
The more I stare at the paintings, the more I see. Small little worlds have swirled into the painting. Unlikely characters have become neighbors. Vast landscapes separate villages. It is fun to think child-like sometimes. I hope you will stop long enough to see a story or two. - - Grey Wilson

Birdwoman Falls is made of glazed and painted earthenware. I refer to this type of creature as Polymorphic Fabulism, in the belief that all of us who listen have animal spirits, or daemons, who compliment our mere humanness.
----Betsey Hurd

Tandy Riddle's piece Depot in Primordial White Unit in a reference to Neo-Dadaism. She writes of this piece "Neo-Dada artists adhered to Marcel Duchamp's premise that works of art are intermediaries in a process that the artist begins and the viewer completes. In the historical context, Neo-Dada revived this long dormant theoretical framework and provided the foundation for many of the contemporary art movements that followed.
Encouraging the shift toward the viewer as part of the artwork, many Neo-Dada artists adhered to a notion that the viewer's interpretation of a work - not the artist's intent – determined its meaning. This was emphasized through the use of chance, found objects, and mass media, which helped eliminate the artist's predetermined significance and instead placed the focus on the viewer's reading of the piece."
I share much of this philosophy even though generally my work bears no resemblance to anything one would call Neo-Dadaism... with the exception of this piece... and my affection for White Flag by Jasper Johns. I have a sense that this is a direction I am going to pursue more as my work evolves. ----Tandy Miles Riddle

The exhibit will be displayed from October 11 through November 12, 2016.
Images from the exhibit can be found at The Livingston Center for Art and Culture is located at 119 S. Main St., and can be reached at 222-5222.

October 2016

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