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About me . . .
I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania . . . the third of eight siblings. At age 21, I was fortunate to marry the love of my life, Steve, and we have remained happily together for 37 years . . . and counting. Steve is the service manager at Frontline Ag (John Deere) here in Livingston. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful sons, 4 grandsons & 2 granddaughters. All 3 of our boys graduated from Park High and our youngest, Justin, is a staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps currently serving in North Carolina. He is a veteran of Iraqi Freedom and I am so very proud to be a military mom.

Steve and I brought our family to Paradise Valley in 1994 and have lived there in the same place for 22 years. We attend Grace Bible Church in Bozeman where I serve in musical ministry both as a soloist and in a ladies ensemble.

My Qualifications . . .
After the birth of my second son, I went back to school and became a licensed professional. I opened and successfully operated my own business for 6 years until we moved to Montana. Here in Montana, I went to work as the accounts receivable manager for a local manufacturing company where I was privileged to handle the credit accounts of business owners from all over the world. During my 7 years there, I also served as assistant to the comptroller, the liaison between the sales and finance departments, as well as processing payroll and assisting with benefits administration for as many as 120 employees. Then, 13 years ago, I came to the Park County Accounting Office as Assistant Finance Director. My main focuses there have been: payroll administration (including associated reconciliations), working in the general ledger, assisting the county treasurer with closing month-end financials, assisting with the county budget, and troubleshooting for school clerks.

In our ‘spare’ time, my husband and I opened our own business where we manage a vacation rental and I do administrative clerk duties for the Cooke City Water District (since 2010) and their Emergency Services (since 2012). I’ve also been the manager for the Livingston Bowling Association since 2008.

Why me . . .

The Park County Auditor is currently charged with reviewing all county accounting functions for accuracy & compliance with Montana Code, approving claims, managing Angel Line transportation, and any other tasks assigned by the Commissioners. I believe that I am ready to accept those challenges . . . and more. You will have noticed that my employment history is one of diversity, hard work and responsibility.

As a former and current business owner, I am well aware of the amount of time and care that it takes to see that everything is done right. I did/do all of my own accounting (including reporting and taxes), scheduling appointments, ordering products and providing customer service. I now believe the experience and skills that I have gained can be more fully utilized to Park County’s financial advantage by adding more value to the County Auditor position.

Because the County Auditor has few mandated duties in Montana Code, there is much flexibility and the position looks different in each county that has one. After studying a few of them, I see ways that we can better structure the position to get more for the $72,000+ that it is costing county taxpayers.

While I truly enjoy my work in the Accounting Office, I find myself desiring to serve the residents of Park County in an even greater capacity. I'm excited about the possibilities for becoming your County Auditor and believe that that the Office could be used to solve current workload issues . . . which, in turn, will cut costs.

So, on November 8th, vote for the candidate with 'hart'. Your support will be greatly appreciated.