106 Pray Road
Livingston, MT 59047
PO Box 152
Pray, MT 59065
(406) 223-1302

My name is Marty Malone and I am running to be re-elected to the office of Park County Commissioner. My wife, Gayleen, and I own and run a ranch near Pray Montana. We have been married for 45 years. We have two grown children that live and work in Park County and three wonderful grandchildren. I have lived in Park County for 48 years.

During the past two terms, I have worked to improve the infrastructure of Park County, insure transparency in all actions by the Commission, encourage business development, and balance the County budget.

I served as Park County Extension Agent for over thirty years and nearly eight years as Park County Commissioner. I am very dedicated to serving the Community of Park County.

The Park County Commission serves as the local governing board in the County. It is the Commission's responsibility to act as legislative body and act as the executive for all departments. It is certainly a full time job. I personally feel it is very important to visit each department in and out of the Courthouse and be acquainted with all the employees. I feel strongly that it is important for Commissioners to be knowledgeable of what each department faces on a daily basis

When I first ran for this office I believed that it is very important that the Commissioners be very active tracking the policies And activities of state and federal governments. The action of these agencies has a major impact on the economy of Park County and the recreational opportunities for citizens. I have been very active in the Custer Gallatin Forest Collaborative. The purpose of this Collaborative is to assist the Forest Service in locating potential areas for fuels reduction and harvesting. The goal is to reduce the number and severity of forest fires.

County Commissioners are very important to the success of this nation. No other elected office has more contact with citizens. Commissioners live and work in the County that they govern. Citizens have the opportunity to express their opinion on any number of subjects.