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I am running for District 2 Park County Commissioner. I am currently employed by Park County as the Fairgrounds Caretaker. I am proud to have served in the United States Navy for 22 years. During my career in the Navy I obtained a wealth of knowledge in management of business and cyber security referred to as ISSM INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY MANAGER.. With this great opportunity of being in the U. S. Navy I was trained in the fields of Leadership, Balancing and working with Budgets, How to deal with work issues as a Manager and gained valued education in the fastest growing IT field. I am proud of the two business I created. Livingston Concrete Supply and Mamas Cotton Candy Corner. I have worked for Fisher Sand and Gravel here in Livingston. And I am a Certified Drug and Alcohol program advisor.

Through my involvement with local business and my employment I have attended multiple government board meetings, I discovered there is a need for more fiscal preparedness and basic common sense in our local leaders. Through my business and military background I can provide the citizens of this county with a solvent, responsible solution to many of the concerns that are facing each of us every day.
Governments duty to it's citizens is safety, health and welfare.

I would like to provide you with my three primary concerns for the current situation in your county and my solutions to remediate them:
1. We have become a top-heavy government, expending funding to numerous positions within the political framework that does not produce the minimum needs of the citizens, much less the statutorily required ones. We have too many chiefs and not enough people producing the end product; serving you, the public. Many required elements have slipped through the cracks to the point that no one knows who is performing the mandatory task, let alone if they are being performed.

During my tour in the Navy I commanded 50 personnel and trained 100s more in operations, combat, CPR and weapons certification, firefighting, flooding preparedness, and maintained my own budget for my personnel and duties. I could not pull additional funding from PILT if I fell short.

2. We are running under an antiquated dispatch system known as analog, while the FCC P2 5 mandates will require us to eventually move into digital communications. Current officials have not secured a plan to set aside funding to purchase, implement or train for this requirement. I am trained as an Information Systems Security Manager or ISSM, which is the the military equivalent of an IT Technician and have a working knowledge of both cyber and technical implementation of communications in a broad spectrum of situations and radio communications. It is government's duty to keep it's citizens safe and I would endeavor to bring the many agencies now utilizing our current dispatch system into the 21st century standards and compliance.

Prior to my Navy Retirement I held the following additional qualifications and responsibilities:
* Command Operations Chief
* Combat Systems Training Team Member
* Damage Control Training Team Member
* Force Protection Training Team Member

I moved to Livingston shortly after my Navy Retirement to be close to my family as we have called Livingston and Park County home for over 30 years.

I am proud to be a member of
* The American Legion
* Toastmasters

My concerns I see are the need for Informed, Fair and Balanced discussions that can result in making sound decisions that will benefit the quality of life we have here in Park County.

I am aware there are current issues needing to be attended, However I do anticipate in looking hard at certain areas for better service.
* Upgrading the antiquated 911 system from Analog to Digital
* Roads
* Renewable Energy
* Emigrant Pit and Mine Proposal

I believe to get a job done you need to roll up your sleeves and get with it. That is what I intend to do with your vote for me.