Dr. Merle Bouma - Vector point cranial therapy
118 E Callender Street Livingston MT 59047; PO Box 1344
Cranial, sacrocranial, and neural organization technique

Dr. Stephen Y. Dobelbower - Park County Chiropractic
1201 US Hwy 10 West, Ste. A1 Livingston, MT 59047

Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Full Spine, Cranial and Extremity Adjusting.
We Care Chiropractic
309 So Main Livingston MT 59047
406.222.5522 Experience Today's Technology - DYNAMIC MOTION X-RAY : See your spine moving; less radiation
- COMPUTERIZED TEMPERATURE ANALYSIS : Safe & painless nerve system analysis
- AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE : Wellnes plans available

Dr. Marlin Braun- We Care Chiropractic
311 So Main Livingston MT 59047

Dr. Wayne Netley
2 Parkway Drive Livingston MT 59047
Office 222-2999; Home 222-0003; Fax 222-2361

Dr. David Thiry - Thiry Chiropractic
403 W Park Street Livingston MT 59047
406.222.6668 Graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractice.
Private practice since 1978 in Livingston.
"Fact: The brain stem and spinal cord are primary pathways of nerve impulses to and from the brain. Messages back and forth through these nerves control the health and function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body. The spinal cord is housed by the spinal column. Vertebral subluxation (misalignment) can irritate nerve tissues and ultimately couse health problems."

Dr. Louis J. Buffalino
1201 Highway 10 West unit C (new location) Livingston MT 59047 406.222.4444